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List of Airports in Mozambique

A full list of airports in Mozambique are listed below.
Airports in Mozambique
Name Location
Alto Molocue Airport Alto Molocue
Angoche Airport Angoche
Bajone Airport Bajone
Bazaruto Island Airport Bazaruto Island
Beira Airport Beira
Benguera Island Airport Benguera Island
Caia Airport Caia
Chimoio Airport Chimoio
Chinde Airport Chinde
Chokwe Airport Chokwé
Cuamba Airport Cuamba
Dugong Airport Dugong
Gurue Airport Gurue
Ibo Airport Ibo
Ila Da Chilonzuene Airport Ila Da Chilonzuene
Indigo Bay Lodge Airport Indigo Bay Lodge
Inhaca Airport Inhaca
Inhambane Airport Inhambane
Inhaminga Airport Inhaminga
Lichinga Airport Lichinga
Luabo Airport Luabo
Lumbo Airport Lumbo
Maganja Da Costa Airport Maganja Da Costa
Magaruque Airport Magaruque
Maputo International Airport Maputo
Marromeu Airport Marromeu
Matundo Airport Tete
Mocimboa Praia Airport Mocimboa Praia
Moma Airport Moma
Montepuez Airport Montepuez
Mueda Airport Mueda
Nacala Airport Nacala
Nampula Airport Nampula
Nangade Airport Nangade
Palma Airport Palma
Pebane Airport Pebane
Ponta de Ouro Airport Ponta de Ouro
Porto Amelia Airport Pemba
Quelimane Airport Quelimane
Santa Carolina Airport Santa Carolina
Tete Airport Tete
Vilanculos Airport Vilanculos
Xai Xai Airport Xai Xai
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