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Busiest Streets in Oklahoma City in Oklahoma, United States of America

The busiest streets in Oklahoma City in Oklahoma, United States of America are listed below.
Busiest streets in Oklahoma City
Northwest Expressway
North May Avenue
South Western Avenue
West Memorial Road
North Classen Boulevard
Northwest 63rd Street
Northwest 23rd Street
West Reno Avenue
North Portland Avenue
North Pennsylvania Avenue
North Meridian Avenue
South Pennsylvania Avenue
North Western Avenue
North Lincoln Boulevard
North MacArthur Boulevard
Northwest 50th Street
Southwest 89th Street
Northeast 13th Street
Northwest 10th Street
Southwest 29th Street
Northwest 56th Street
North Robinson Avenue
North Broadway Avenue
Northeast 23rd Street
North Rockwell Avenue
Southwest 59th Street
West Britton Road
South May Avenue
South Walker Avenue
West Wilshire Boulevard
Southeast 29th Street
Northeast 10th Street
North Santa Fe Avenue
Southwest 44th Street
Stanton L Young Boulevard
West Hefner Road
Northwest 39th Street
South Meridian Avenue
Northwest 122nd Street
North Lee Avenue
Southeast 15th Street
North Hudson Avenue
East Reno Avenue
South I
South Shields Boulevard
North Walker Avenue
North Shartel Avenue
South Air Depot Boulevard
South Douglas Boulevard
Southeast 44th Street
Northwest 58th Street
West Main Street
Broadway Extension
North Stonewall Avenue
Northwest 36th Street
Waterford Boulevard
North Kelley Avenue
North Brookline Avenue
Northwest 9th Street
Robert S Kerr Avenue
Park Avenue
West Interstate 240 Service Road
North Council Road
Northwest 13th Street
South Agnew Avenue
Southwest 3rd Street
South Sunnylane Road
Hefner Pointe Drive
Northwest 16th Street
Southwest 104th Street
South MacArthur Boulevard
Southeast 59th Street
Southwest 119th Street
Northwest 4th Street
South Sooner Road
North Martin Luther King Avenue
Exchange Avenue
Northwest Grand Boulevard
Northeast 36th Street
Northeast 63rd Street
Melrose Lane
East Memorial Road
United Founders Boulevard
South Santa Fe Avenue
South Eastern Avenue
North Phillips Avenue
Southwest 74th Street
Northwest 5th Street
Will Rogers Parkway
Quail Pointe Drive
Northwest 6th Street
Northwest 64th Street
Parklawn Drive
Northeast 50th Street
South Council Road
Northwest 3rd Street
Southeast 45th Street
Perimeter Center Drive
Interstate 240 Service Road
South Robinson Avenue
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