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Where is Gyoumri Airport?

Gyoumri Airport (LWN) is an airport in the country of Armenia which is located in the continent/region of Asia.

Cities, towns and places near Gyoumri Airport include Pokr Karakilisa, Karakhs and Karakilisa.

The closest major cities include Yerevan, Tbilisi and Van.

Gyoumri Airport Data
Latitude 40.716666666667
Longitude 43.833333333333
Latitude 40° 43' 0.0012"
Longitude 43° 49' 59.9988"
Other Airports Nearby
Name Distance
Kars Airport 65.6 km / 40.8 miles
Zvartnots Airport 79.2 km / 49.2 miles
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