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List of Airports in Democratic Republic of the Congo

A full list of airports in Democratic Republic of the Congo are listed below.
Airports in Democratic Republic of the Congo
Name Location
Bandundu Airport Bandundu
Basankusu Airport Basankusu
Basongo Airport Basongo
Beni Airport Beni
Boende Airport Boende
Boma Airport Boma
Bumba Airport Bumba
Bunia Airport Bunia
Buta Airport Buta
Gandajika Airport Gandajika
Gbadolite Airport Gbadolite
Gemena Airport Gemena
Goma Airport Goma
Idiofa Airport Idiofa
Ikela Airport Ikela
Ilebo Airport Ilebo
Inongo Airport Inongo
Kabalo Airport Kabalo
Kabinda Airport Kabinda
Kalemie Airport Kalemie
Kalima Airport Kalima
Kamina Airport Kamina
Kananga Airport Kananga
Kaniama Airport Kaniama
Kapanga Airport Kapanga
Kasenga Airport Kasenga
Kasongo Lunda Airport Kasongo Lunda
Kikwit Airport Kikwit
Kilwa Airport Kilwa
Kindu Airport Kindu
Kiri Airport Kiri
Kisangani Airport Kisangani
Kolwezi Airport Kolwezi
Kongolo Airport Kongolo
Kota Koli Airport Kota Koli
Libenge Airport Libenge
Lisala Airport Lisala
Lodja Airport Lodja
Luano Airport Lubumbashi
Luiza Airport Luiza
Luozi Airport Luozi
Lusambo Airport Lusambo
Lusanga Airport Lusanga
Manono Airport Manono
Masi Manimba Airport Masi Manimba
Matadi Airport Matadi
Matari Airport Isiro
Mbandaka Airport Mbandaka
Mbuji Mayi Airport Mbuji Mayi
Moanda Airport Moanda
Moba Airport Moba
Mweka Airport Mweka
N�djili International Airport Kinshasa
Nioki Airport Nioki
Nkolo Airport Nkolo
Punia Airport Punia
Pweto Airport Pweto
Tshikapa Airport Tshikapa
Yangambi Airport Yangambi
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