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Busiest Streets in Fresno in California, United States of America

The busiest streets in Fresno in California, United States of America are listed below.
Busiest streets in Fresno
West Shaw Avenue
North Fresno Street
North Blackstone Avenue
North 1st Street
North Palm Avenue
North Cedar Avenue
East Kings Canyon Road
East Shaw Avenue
East Herndon Avenue
East Belmont Avenue
East Shields Avenue
East Olive Avenue
West Bullard Avenue
Fresno Street
Tulare Street
North Maple Avenue
North Marks Avenue
North Millbrook Avenue
East Clinton Avenue
Shaw Avenue
Fulton Mall
East McKinley Avenue
South Elm Avenue
NW Avenue
East Ashlan Avenue
East Bullard Avenue
North Chestnut Avenue
West Shields Avenue
West Herndon Avenue
West Ashlan Avenue
Van Ness Avenue
East Tulare Street
North Van Ness Avenue
North Figarden Drive
West Fallbrook Avenue
North 6th Street
North Ingram Avenue
East Spruce Avenue
East Alluvial Avenue
M Street
East Fir Avenue
South Cedar Avenue
East Champlain Drive
North Fine Avenue
East Dakota Avenue
East Barstow Avenue
West Olive Avenue
North Fruit Avenue
East Clinton Way
North Maroa Avenue
East Jensen Avenue
North Clovis Avenue
South Chestnut Avenue
North Golden State Boulevard
East Butler Avenue
North Sunnyside Avenue
Fulton Street
North Wishon Avenue
West Bedford Avenue
West Belmont Avenue
North Fulton Street
West Clinton Avenue
East Gettysburg Avenue
West Alluvial Avenue
East Nees Avenue
North Thesta Street
South Maple Avenue
North Milburn Avenue
North Brawley Avenue
South Orange Avenue
South Cherry Avenue
West Dakota Avenue
North Valentine Avenue
West Jennifer Avenue
North Gateway Boulevard
East Perrin Avenue
Kern Street
West Barstow Avenue
North Abby Street
Broadway Street
East Home Avenue
East Illinois Avenue
North Fort Washington Road
South Clovis Avenue
North Willow Avenue
G Street
East Ventura Avenue
West Spruce Avenue
West McKinley Avenue
South Willow Avenue
North Del Mar Avenue
North Blythe Avenue
North Sharon Avenue
North Winery Avenue
East Hedges Avenue
West Cromwell Avenue
West Nees Avenue
East River Park Circle
North West Avenue
North Clark Street
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