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Busiest Streets in Fairfield in California, United States of America

The busiest streets in Fairfield in California, United States of America are listed below.
Busiest streets in Fairfield
North Texas Street
Travis Boulevard
West Texas Street
Texas Street
Webster Street
Oliver Road
Business Center Drive
Gateway Boulevard
Pennsylvania Avenue
B Gale Wilson Boulevard
Low Court
Bodin Circle
Courage Drive
Missouri Street
Empire Street
Enterprise Drive
Union Avenue
Chadbourne Road
Waterman Boulevard
Hilborn Road
Jefferson Street
East Tabor Avenue
Parker Road
Beck Avenue
Horizon Drive
Cordelia Road
Suisun Valley Road
Mangels Boulevard
Fulton Drive
Western Street
Holiday Lane
Central Way
Jackson Street
Rockville Road
Walters Court
Woolner Avenue
Martin Road
Kentucky Street
East Travis Boulevard
Central Place
Boynton Avenue
Lopes Road
South Watney Way
Clay Bank Road
Pittman Road
Tabor Avenue
Auto Mall Parkway
Madison Street
Cement Hill Road
North Watney Way
Campus Lane
Executive Court North
Peabody Road
Fairfield Avenue
Railroad Avenue
Dover Avenue
Alaska Avenue
Cadenasso Drive
Estates Drive
Green Valley Road
Edison Court
Walters Road
Watt Drive
Link Road
Grobric Court
Auto Plaza Court
State Street
Vista Grande
Huntington Drive
East Alaska Avenue
Acacia Street
1st Street
Grande Circle
Marigold Drive
Mankas Corner Road
Clay Street
Kidder Avenue
Dickson Hill Road
Gulf Drive
West Cordelia Road
Dynasty Drive
Civic Center Drive
Rancho Solano Parkway
Phoenix Drive
Lozano Lane
Red Top Road
Peppertree Drive
Washington Street
Morrison Lane
Pacific Avenue
Peach Tree Drive
Gregory Lane
Solano Road
Hickory Avenue
Taylor Street
Industrial Court
Crocker Circle
Gold Hill Road
Mankas Boulevard
Gateway Court
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